Russia Cristiana has from the outset been present at the Meeting in Rimini. Thanks to the numerous exhibitions it has presented over the years it has had an opportunity to bring certain topics on Russian culture to the attention of a large scale audience.
From the world of art, with the first exhibition on the icons in 1982, to such great writers of as Dostoevskij and Tolstoj, Bulgakov and Solženicyn, to philosophers Solov’ëv and Berdjaev. From themes originating in the avant-garde and the dissidence to the experiences of martyrdom and emigration.
The exhibitions are available for hire. For information please contact the  International Exhibition Service s.r.l.:  tel. 0541/728565, fax 0541/765206, mail:


2018: “Amare la Russia nonostante tutto” – Mostra sulla figura e l’opera di p. Romano Scalfi
Rimini, 19-25 agosto 2018
: Russia 1917: il sogno infranto di “un mondo mai visto”
Rimini, 20-26 agosto 2017
2016: Mostra multimediale sull’emigrazione russa in Occidente nel ‘900
Rimini, 19-25 agosto 2016
2014: Tolstoj. A cry and its answers
Rimini, 24-30 agosto 2014
2011: “My sister – life” – Boris Pasternak
Rimini, 21-27 agosto 2011
2010: Marija Judina. The pianist that touched the heart of Stalin
Rimini, 23-28 agosto 2010
2009: Nothing is lost. The experience of Pavel Florenskij
Rimini, 23-29 agosto 2009
2008: Live without lies. Solženicyn
Rimini, 24-30 agosto 2008
2007: What is the Truth? A debate on the threshold of the Russian Revolution
Rimini, 19-25 agosto 2007
2006: Father Aleksandr Men’, the “Law” of the living man. Testimonials from the USSR
Rimini, 20-26 agosto 2006
2005: And behind the Guest …a strong wind. Three Russian refugees and the challenge of freedom
Rimini, 21-27 agosto 2005
2004: Walking on a moonbeam. The myth of progress and waiting for the Other in Michail Bulgakov
Rimini, 22-28 agosto 2004
2003: If they light up the stars does that then mean that someone needs them?
Rimini, 24-30 agosto 2003
2002: The kids from Majakovskij square
Rimini, 18-24 agosto 2002
2000: Solov’ëv: the passion for unity
Rimini, 20-26 agosto 2000
1998: The islands of martyrdom. From the monastery to the Soviet lager
Rimini, 23-29 agosto 1998
1997: Fedor Dostoevskij. His life and works
Rimini, 24 agosto–19 ottobre 1997
1993: Russian insights from the Christian East
Rimini, 21-28 agosto 1993
1991: Catholics in Siberia
Rimini, 24-31 agosto 199
1988: A thousand years of faith in Rus’
Rimini, 20-27 agosto 1988
1986: Samizdat: the underground rivers of communication
Rimini, 23-30 agosto 1986
The temple and the icon
Rimini, 23-30 agosto 1986
1982: The icon an image of the invisible
Rimini, 21-29 agosto 1982