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About us

Russia Cristiana was set up in 1957 by Father with the aim of making the West more aware of the richness of the spiritual, cultural and liturgical tradition of the Russian Orthodoxy; to encourage ecumenical dialogue through actual life experiences; and to contribute to the presence of Christians in Russia.

These goals were pursued in different ways during the Soviet regime, the perestrojka, and in the more recent social and economic context of post-communism which is marked by the after-effects of militant atheism and the strong effects of consumerism.

Over the years Russia Cristiana has organised itself according to the different fields in which it operates thus from the ecclesiastic perspective it is a public Association of the faithful. With regard its cultural and scientific activities is it known as the Russia Cristiana Foundation. Its editorial branch is known as “La Casa di Matriona”. In the field of iconography it paved the way for the founding of the Association called “La Scuola di Seriate” (“The Seriate School”).

Sede legale: via Larga 23, 20122 Milano; tel.: (+39) 035.294021
Sede operativa: via Tasca 36, 24068 Seriate (BG) - Tel.: (+39) 035.294021

Associazione Russia Cristiana
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Fondazione Russia Cristiana
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Associazione La Scuola di Seriate
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La Casa di Matriona
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Company capital 10,400.00 Euro fully paid up.

FONDAZIONE RUSSIA CRISTIANA - via Tasca 36, 24068 Seriate (BG) - Tel.: (+39) 035.294021 - C.F. 97110580152