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The Foundation and its Conferences

In 1992 the Russia Cristiana Foundation was set up with the aim of promoting and disseminating theological, liturgical and artistic studies and research on Eastern European countries and in particular Russia.
Since 1997, in collaboration with academic institutions and European universities, state bodies, renowned authorities on culture, we have held an annual conference to examine historical and cultural phenomena and events which have been previously overlooked, and provide a forum in which perspectives from both the West and East can be voiced.

2018 Uomini liberi. La cultura del samizdat risponde all’oggi
Seriate (12-14 ottobre 2018) - Seregno (15 ottobre); Mosca 20-22 novembre | programma
2016 Il dono inatteso della misericordia
Milano-Seriate • 7-9 ottobre; Mosca • 21-23 novembre | programma
2015 L'io, la sua libertà e il potere. La persona e i totalitarismi
Milano 16 October | resources
2014 Tolstoj and his time
Milan-Bergamo 20-22 November • Moscow 12-15 December | resources |
2013 Identity, alterity, universality
Milan-Seriate 5-8 October • Moscow 8-11 November | resources |
2012 East~West: the crisis as a challenge and a provocation. At the crossroads between denial and rediscovery of the I
Milan 19-20 October • Moscow 18-20 November | resources |

The Human Crisis and the Desire for Happiness. What has the Church to say to us today?
Milan-Seriate, 28-30 October | presentation | programme | video

2010 An encounter that endures. Life and thoughts between East and West
Milan-Seriate, 22-24 October | presentation | programme | press release |

Богословие общения. Пути развития и точки соприкосновения между Россией и Западной Европой
Милан-Сериате, 22-24 октября | программа

2009 Seekers of the Eternal, creators of civilisation. Monasticism between East and West
Milan-Seriate, 16-18 October | programme | |
press release | closing press release
2008 Russia and Europe in the face of the epic turning points of the XX and XXI centuries
Seriate, 25-26 October
in collaboration with the Fondazione per la Sussidiarietà | programme
2007 Russia Cristiana – A passion for unity
Seriate, 20-21 October | | press release
2006 Christianity, Judaism and Islam: experiences of encounters
Seriate, 28-29 October
in collaboration with: International Centre for Study and Research OASIS
2005 From utopia to reason. A reconstruction of the Christian identity in Europe
Seriate, 29-30 October |
2004 Orthodox theology and the West in the XX century. The story of an encounter
Seriate, 30-31 October |
2003 Saint Petersburg 1703-2003: a city, an idea, its men
Seriate, 18-19 October
2002 "Witnesses of Christ. In remembrance of the martyrs of the XX century and the Christian announcement today in a secularised world"
Seriate, 23-24 November
2001 The experience of united Churches and its significance for the future of Catholicism and ecumenical dialogue in Russia
Seriate, 27-28 April
In collaboration with Centro Studi per l'Ecumenismo - Milan
2000 A passion for unity: Vladimir Solov'ev (1853-1900)
Bologna, 4 March
In collaboration with Centro Culturale Enrico Manfredini
1999 The other Twentieth century. Russia in Twentieth century history
Seriate, 16-17 October, 13-14 November
In collaboration with Diesse
1998 Complete knowledge. Russian religious thinking challenges the reductions in the West
Seriate, 26-27 September
1997 The challenge of communion amidst diversity
Milano-Seriate, 6-8 June
In collaboration with the Institute of ZIMOS (Eichstaett)

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