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The Betty Ambiveri Library, included in the list of Cultural Institutions and Libraries in the Lombardy region, was set up in the 1950s thanks to donations from private book funds. Its collection was subsequently extended and updated through the acquisition of books in Russian published in the USSR and the West, and by books on Russia in Italian and the principal European languages. It is one of the most complete library collections on Russia and the ex-Soviet Union present in Italy.
It currently holds 27,000 volumes and a large collection of periodicals together with a data archive on the ex-Soviet Union.
The Library is divided into the following sections: Art, Atheism, Law, Dissent, Economy, Philosophy, Geography, Literature, Linguistics, Music, Pedagogy, Politics, Religion, Sociology, Statistics, History..
It is possible to take out books on loan in accordance with the in-house rules in-house rules on book lending.

The Library is open to the public Monday – Friday from 9.00 am to 12.30 pm


FONDAZIONE RUSSIA CRISTIANA - via Tasca 36, 24068 Seriate (BG) - Tel.: (+39) 035.294021 - C.F. 97110580152