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Library of the Spirit

In 1991, the new conditions that arose in the aftermath of the break-up of the Soviet Union permitted Russia Cristiana to carry out, for the very first time, the cultural and ecumenical work previously carried out only in Italy also directly in Russian territory. To further assist the rebirth of the Church in Russia it began to publish volumes in the Russian language: classics in Western Catholic thinking from the XX century, and resources for catechetical and pastoral work in the Christian communities.

In 1993, to improve access to the network of Russian book distribution, the “Library of the Spirit” was set up in Moscow by Russia Cristiana, Caritas from the Moscow diocese and the Orthodox Theological Faculty of Minsk.

In 2004, encouraged by its results, the “Library of the Spirit” opened a huge space that would be suitable for a bookshop and cultural centre in the centre of Moscow. It hosts conventions, book presentations, photographic exhibitions and film screenings which seek to further promote dialogue with the Orthodox church through encouraging a re-discovery of shared Christian roots, and by proposing an approach to Christian education that is as broad as possible.

Duchovnaja Biblioteka 105062 Moskva Ulica Pokrovka, dom 27, stroenie 1
tel. 0074952235820-2235810.

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Video about the first five years

J.F. Thiry on the debate about the global community (29.6.2010)

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